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Conference 2018

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Dear Future Participant,

We hereby invite you to join us at the 6th SAVE-EUROPE Conference on 18th-21st April 2018 in Budapest, the heart of Hungary. This will be a common event of the SAVE International & the EGB (European Governing Board) & the SHVA (Society of the Hungarian Value Analysts).


The conference is organized by the SHVA. The official languages are English and Hungarian.
Please notify us of your interest in presenting a paper by December 15, 2017 at conference@shva.hu with sending the filled Registration Form (see in Attachment).
The interest of the conference are the Value Engineering and its related areas. We welcome presentations in many areas, including:

     ≡   Industry 4.0
     ≡   Value Program
     ≡   Cost Analysis
     ≡   Value Methodology

There will be an interdisciplinary section for young researchers where you can present interesting, upcoming methods, that can be inserted in future VE projects, and where academics, PhD students and new-to-field members can present their ideas, projects related to the Value Methodology. Download the Call-for-Paper Form from here!

    We alogo korte kek v1re looking forward to hearing from YOU!  Share Value – Share Success!

    Best Regards,button felhivas01

    The Conference Organizing Committee

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